Good morning.

I’m Endo Riko, a 17 years old 2nd year high school student from Saitama.




The other day, I got my blood drawn during a physical exam.



Are you guys the type that look at the needle
when you’re getting your blood drawn or getting an injection~? 🐶



Throughout my 17 years of living, I’ve always looked away as the needle is about to be inserted.



I looked away when they were drawing my blood the other day too. 😥



Someday I want to be able to look at the needle when it’s gonna be inserted.








During the Tokyo leg, I experienced my first ever tour,

and 2 days ago as well as yesterday, I also participated in the Aichi leg.


Thank you so much. ☺︎



To the people that came to Tokyo and Aichi leg,

how was it~?




The performance from the seniors was just as expected right…
The seniors that continue to be the 3rd gen’s idols, are really cool.




The 3rds gens too will work hard
to be able to show off our improvement. 💪




To the people that are coming to our upcoming concert,

                          please wait and look forward to it~ ☺︎



I will do my best so I can exceed everyone’s expectation~





Thank you so much for the many pretty flowers. 🙇‍♀️
I had a good look at them!



Flowers that are my penlight colors, flowers that are the colors of our costume, and others too!!


I’m happy to be able to receive all kinds of flowers~ ☺︎☺︎






[Sign event, and Meet & Greet]


The other day,
I attended my first ever sign event!!



Thank you so much.



I don’t usually do well at my first time doing things…



When I had my first photoshoot,
I couldn’t give a great smile and that made me tear up.


When I first wrote my sign,
I couldn’t write a good one and that put me in despair. 😱



And then on the Sign Event the other day,


me who is bad with time,
ended up showing my panicked appearance to the people who attended. 😱



On the next Sign Event, I will write more and more while enjoying talking to everyone!!
I will also practice doodling.





Also, thank you so much for the last Meet & Greet of 5th single!!


I was happy I got to talk with a lot of people~ ☺︎

Thank you so much for the great time.


Please wait for the next Meet & Greet too okay.










↑ Photo from the shooting of the photo pack. ☺︎
   I was happy to be able to wear the BAN costume. ♪




By the way,
                    have you guys bought the photo pack for this time~?




The suit photo pack is my favorite. ☺︎

It’s nice to be able to see everyone’s fresh figures right~



What’s your guys’ favorite photo pack? 🤔




The blog this time will end here.

Thank you so much
                     for reading until the end. ☺︎



Please look forward to the next blog too~!!



Tomorrow is Reina-chan. ☺︎

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