🍒* (2022.08.29)


It’s Kobayashi Yui







Have you seen last night’s Run for Money,

which caused me to feel frustrated

for about a month after the recording?



Since the recording day, whenever I’m watching television

and I see the other players who were with me on the show

I get flashbacks of being on Run for Money and tremble

struggling with the feeling of fear that accompanies it



Just as time had begun to heal my wounds, yesterday’s broadcast came

I vividly remembered that day, and let out a lifetime’s worth of sighs



Despite having confidence in being fleet-footed,


it couldn’t make up for the many other things I lack




First, luck.


I visited a shrine the day before and participated while wearing a good luck charm, but I don’t know if it was effective or not…

But, I think being able to meet Yasuko-san and getting a picture with her there might have been luck



Next, is the ability to read maps.


I guess that some of you might have thought, “Kobayashi sure is always in a place with lots of greenery”

I actually wanted to go toward the residential area the whole time,

but I didn’t understand the map at all, so I just kept wandering around the field



And then, smarts.


Strategy was very important, but I had a very poor understanding of the mission, and might have shown a great deal of stupidity



And then, communication ability.


In this episode of “Run for Money,” cooperation with the islanders was the key,

Although I was unable to meet any of the islanders because I kept wandering around the field, I could have been more persistent in getting hints from the islander who spoke to me



And so, I’m stuck just reflecting on all of it

And I have spent the past month or so being crushed by the feeling of frustration



If other members appear on it in the future,

I hope that they can learn from my failures and do their best



But anyway!


I was able to participate in a historic show that I’ve been watching for a long time

It was very, very much fun 🥹










Well then, let’s move on to a more fun topic. Lol



This morning, the title and cover of Kobayashi Yui’s 2nd Photobook has been released!


The title is “Unpredictability”


And this is the standard edition cover




After this, the other versions of the cover and advance previews will be released one after another, so…


Official Twitter



Official Instagram



Please give them a follow so you won’t miss any of them ❕





I will post the advance previews that have been released so far as well as some off-shots 📷🤍











On 2nd September, starting at 9 PM JST

I will be doing a SHOWROOM stream!


There are more things that I’m able to talk about compared to last time,

so I would like to talk about some behind-the-scenes stories and such~


And there is also a limited stream-only bonus,

so I’d be happy if you could watch it in real time!




There is about a month until the release date on 4th October~ 👼🏻


Please look forward to it













◇ We will be appearing on

“CDTV Live Live: Summer’s 4 hour special”

live starting at 7 PM JST


Sakurazaka46 will be performing Masatsukeisu

in the 7 PM slot


I’m still having a mental breakdown from “Run for Money”

so I’m sorry if I get all shook up and make any mistakes ←




◇ I will be appearing in “Nichiyoubi no Hatsumimi-gaku”

that is being broadcasted on 4th September 👂🏻


Other members have appeared on the show several times, but I was on the side of the viewer,

so I was very happy to be able to appear on it this time!


By all means, please give it a watch







see you again ⊿⊿

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