11th______________Murayama Miu (2023.07.04)




Have I been writing blogs like a human being?
I wonder if they’re too human

In my mind,   idols   are like perfect human beings from a fantasy world,
But I’m not perfect,
So I decided to write humanly and honestly
And it came out like this


I write about 30% of what’s on my mind
That’s quite a lot, right
The 70% is secret
But I don’t tell lies, so I’ll answer if you ask me questions on Meet & Greet and such
My fans would definitely know about this

This monologue became quite long



Murayama Miu’s blog starts from here!







I’ll reveal my diary for the second time


June 23rd around 15:30

I ate grated yam, bonito flakes, and rice
I’m filled with happiness, the best mood

Around 18:00

Rika contacted me saying she’s going to karaoke, asking me “Do you want to come too   ?” So I went

It’s my second time ever going to karaoke
The first time was in a rush before the singing evaluation, and then today

I was so happy, I took a lot of videos of Rika



June 24th around 15:30

My body felt empty after dancing a lot
So I went to a shop with delicious miso soup and rice balls



June 25th around 10:00

I ate breakfast with Yuzuki-chan
I often talk with her about how we have a lot of photos together but I can’t upload it since it’s mostly of us fooling around

Around 20:00

Since I danced a lot today too, I went to Nagi’s place to rest



June 26th around 13:00

I ate a whole apple
And I ate nikujaga



June 27th around 9:00

I went to Shibuya TSUTAYA-san
The seniors are chatting happily in the car
The third gens are also enjoying themselves in the back
It’s so peacefulー



June 28th

Itoha and Mio played a choral song with the piano used for vocal training, and asked for us to sing along
It was lively as usual



June 29th noon

I ate cherry shaved ice
I want to eat a lot of shaved ice this year!



July 1st

I danced, walked, and ate eggs
At night I went running in the rain with Yu and Airi 



July 2nd 19:00

It’s the first day of Online Meet & Greet for Start over! Thank you very much to everyone who came





I curled and bunched up my hair and I also became an animal. People said it’s unexpected, and I realized yeah it is, isn’t it?   lol

I received some requests for some dog or cat pics for you to use as wallpaper, so please use this dog Miu-san as your wallpaper



July 3rd 22:00

Reina is eating curry next to me, and Yu behind me is also eating curry
Good workー









Everyone, thank you very much for the letters
I reallyーー read every single one

I received questions so I will answer some



◯ Do you watch movies or dramas?

I watch movies sometimesー
Nagi always recommends them to me



◯ Which emojis should we use to represent Miu-chan?

Miu’s wings and the black moon, they look cute
[T/N: The 羽 in 美羽 (Miu) means wings]
But well, I don’t like to make decisions, so I’m fine with anything!



◯ What are you into lately?

Using different makeup products everyday
Grated yam



◯ Which food was delicious during the tour?

Osaka was the winner, both the takoyaki and happy pouch were amazingly delicious




◯ Please let us know if you use perfumes

I don’t really use perfumes, but I spray it to my bedding

FERNANDA eau de toilette


This doesn’t have a citrus scent, but I actually like citrus scents



〇 What kind of camera do you use

I don’t know much about it,
But I use an OLYMPUS PEN series SLR camera
I got it from my father



◯ What kind of songs do you listen to besides Sakurazaka

I haven’t been answering when someone asks about the songs I listen to because it’s embarrassing, but I’ll try to answer today


Love the warz


I listen to SEKAI NO OWARI or Sakurazaka while commuting or at home
And western music too sometimes

I want to know the songs you like




The end






By the way,
I didn’t have any particular reason to cut my hair
I just felt like it so I cut it
It was totally based on my mood
I only cut it because of that, but I think it became a good opportunity to switch things up


My hair will grow in a few years, so for team long hair, please wait
I might send photos of when my hair was long when my mobame opensーー







I wrote about this a bit in the diary, but,
Thank you very much for the Meet & Greet
My impressions after the first day is
I enjoyed it because I felt more comfortable talking to everyone than last time

There were people who cried, said they like me, had casual conversations with me, and made me laugh, I feel so happyー

I’m always grateful   !

I was so happy because there were a lot of newcomers too
Let’s get along
I want us to get along







Random talk

(I feel like I always write about the third gens in my random talks, so please read this while listening to “Anthem time”   Won’t the faces of the third gens come to your mind naturally?)







About Rika,
She’s not the type of person who invites others to hang out, she doesn’t complain in front of us, she doesn’t show her tears, she has the image of a strong girl


That’s what I thought but
She’s not as strong as I thought, so I felt relieved


I often hear Rika say “Because I’m the oldest” so I thought that she used the fact that she’s the oldest as an excuse to not show her weakness to me…
I always stayed close to her during the trainee period


But recently, Rika has been contacting me first, inviting me to a meal,
I was happy that she approached me

That’s the story


Rika is cool, isn’t she?










After a long while, Shizuki and I had a day to talk, eat, and walk around


I’ll tell you about Shizuki


It’s not an exaggeration to say that I got through the trainee period with Shizuki, we were always together

We’d be nervous and eat bread together on the shinkansen heading from Osaka to Tokyo for the lessons
We’d cry like little kids on the way back because of frustration and helplessness
We played at the beach in the middle of winter, we went to theme parks together, she’s helped me in many ways


To tell you the truth, we had a misunderstanding before
After resolving the misunderstanding, we finally got to spend time together again after a long time, it was really fun

It feels so nostalgicー I liked the time I spent with Shizukiー
It made me miss the days I went back and forth from Osaka to Tokyo



Did I talk too much?
Is it okay?


That means she’s an important person to me, I’ll talk about it again next time
It’ll be long though!








I’m thinking of showing you the photos I took during the trainee period and the tour for the SHOWROOM stream, what kind of photos do you want to see?

Photos of all of the third gens or photos of the seniors
I’ll be waiting for requests










Tomorrow is Shizuki
She just invited me to go eat soup dumplings

Okay, let’s go





See you

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