2022 (2022.01.09)

Happy new year 🎍



I’m late in giving out
the new year’s greetings this time… ( ´_ゝ`)
I’m sorry!



how have you been spending this time?




Is it already, right?
2022 has already started.


When you compare it with the normal usual years,
somehow, I got the feeling that the year just ended
without me realizing that it was already new year,


Even during the time I was out on vacations,
I couldn’t take my mind off from
things about work and Sakurazaka~


As expected, it’s not something that
can be easily set aside, right? 😌








During 2021,
I really had the opportunity to experience so many different things,
it was a year where I was able to learn a lot.



Among those things, there wasn’t a particular thing that was “the best one”,
everything was very special and irreplaceable because at first, they all looked like small things.



And finally last year,
I was able to meet directly in person
with all of the Buddies.



We were able to hold our first Sakurazaka live concert with audience,
it made me extremely happy and it felt very reassuring to know that
there are people who support us this much~~






I’m often told that I’m very forgetful,
and I’m very aware of that, however,


The scenery that everyone showed us,
the words that were conveyed
and the things I felt day after day at different times
is something that I won’t be able to forget after all.



I was able to receive things that will remain deeply within my heart,
I can feel nothing but gratitude for having been able to
spend such deep and special days.




There were a lot of people who supported us behind the scenes
to help us create Sakurazaka together,
during those days we wanted to do our best as well,
and give something in return.




I was able to experience many different things,
such as things that made me happy,
and things that I want to convey next time.


I believe it was a year where I was able to feel for myself.






In 2022,
There are many things that I want to do
and many dreams that I want to achieve.


There’s a lot of things I want to see, to feel, to study,
and also new things that I want to challenge,
I want to keep running.




I would like to do activities
that can help others
and can make our fans happy.


I won’t stop conveying and expressing
our thoughts about the group
and about our fans.


That’s the kind of year I want to spend…






I ended up writing a lot…



Anyway, 2022!
Sakurazaka46 will do our best!
To all the Buddies!
Please follow us!


And…that’s about it…



Therefore, I look forward to
your continuous support this year as well, thanks. 🐯




Here I am putting the pictures
from December 31, 2021!


2022 (2022.01.09)






These are the costumes we wore for the
Kouhaku Uta Gassen’s performance and ending. 🌸



The power of these costumes is amazing.


Thank so much for always
giving us the opportunity to stand on the stage.










After we finished the performance,
I relaxed together with everyone
and I was able to spend a very peaceful time
I was happy.





Honoring the moment when
I untied the ponytail and my hair was messy.


Wavy ~




This is a picture that Karin-chan took for me.
When I saw it, she achieved an amazing close-up 😃


Thank you, Karin-chan.





And then this year too, I was together with the members
during the New Year’s Eve moment!


The first two-shot photo of 2022 is
together with Yukka-san 🐎🤍


I will definitely go to see the stage play!!! ‪‪☺︎






It’s been a long time since I wrote a long blog…
Thank so much for those who read it.


I will write again.





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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