My encounter with Takahashi Yukihiro-san
and YMO-san’s songs
was my encounter with music.


I came across their music when I was in lower grades of elementary school due to my dad’s influence,
the first song I listened together with its PV
was YMO-san’s “RYDEEN”.


Hands playing the keys of a keyboard all the time and
a colorful piano spinning round and round.
How long until the singing comes??


That was my first impression,
and before I knew it, the song was already over.


At the time, I thought that
all songs must always have lyrics,
so I was shocked that there were no lyrics
and I could feel how addictive it was so I was like “I want to listen to it again!”


Since that time, I listened to YMO-san’s songs
and watched their live performances so much that
there was almost no day where I didn’t listen to them,


I wish I could have experienced it real time in this era.


Many times, I felt jealous of the people from that era,
there were times where I would put on my headphones,
turn up the volume and listen with my eyes closed
so that I could feel at least a bit closer.


The reason I came to love Takahashi Yukihiro-san
was when I was watching his live performance of
“COSMIC SURFIN’” and I saw him playing drums
in the first portion of the video.


Since that day,
I’ve been always following closely
any song where Takahashi Yukihiro-san plays the drums.



About 5 years ago,
when I made an appearance in
in the show “Yellow Magic Show 2”,
I didn’t get the chance to have direct co-starring with Takahashi Yukihiro-san,
but I was able to meet him by chance.


To have someone I’ve always loved and
admired so much since I was little in front of me
really made me feel so shaken and at my limit of nervousness,
but the staff gave me support and encouraged me.


The words that I was able to convey directly to Takahashi Yukihiro-san were greetings and,


“I love you.”


That single phrase.


I wanted to tell him so much more,
but at the time, all I could say was that single phrase.


After some time passed,
I did have some regrets thinking
that I wanted to tell him many other things.


It is one-sided,
but being able to directly convey
the words I wanted to say the most,


right now I feel that perhaps it was better that I did it,
than not being able to convey it
and regretting that moment for the rest of my life.


And at that time,
I felt that Takahashi Yukihiro-san showed me
a slightly gentle expression.


Usually, I tend to think about all kinds of things
when that atmosphere of silence suddenly appears,


But I clearly remember
feeling a strange sense of reassurance with
Takahashi Yukihiro-san’s gentle expression and
the atmosphere of silence that appeared at that moment.


Even until now, I clearly remember everything about that day.


For me, it was a dream-like day,
it became a day that is like a lifetime treasure.



Last year, I went to
Takahashi Yukihiro-san’s 50th anniversary concert.


I was able to feel directly the delicacy
in the many works that Takahashi Takahiro-san has created,
without thinking anything,
I was just completely absorbed while listening  
to the point of forgetting about many things in that moment.


For the first time, I felt that
I was able to experience that era in real time,
my heart was completely filled with happiness and inspiration.


It was the day where I fell in love with
Takahashi Yukihiro-san’s works even more deeply.







I am extremely happy that I was able to come across
Takahashi Yukihiro-san’s works.


Right now, I feel very lonesome,
but from now I would like to continue
listening to his works forever and cherish them.  


I will always, always love you.


From the bottom of my heart, may he rest in peace.


Koike Minami

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