2023 (2023.01.01)

Happy New Year🐰🌸



Thank you for the past year!


Thanks to everyone’s support,

I had a very fulfilling year!


This year, I’ll also keep doing my best,

especially regarding taking care of my health!

I’ll be in your care!



We’ll appear at today’s

CDTV Live! Live! New Year’s Eve Special 2022→2023🤍


I was happy to appear on the first music show of 2023

and to participate in the New Year’s Eve countdown

that I watched on TV…!




It’s the year of the rabbit so

We took photos with a rabbit filter🐰📷



Hikaru-chan, Ten-chan



Inori-chan, Yumi-chan










I had a ribbon made with my hair🎀

I had 1 at FNS,

But at CDTV there was 2…💭(depends on make up artist-san’s mood)




Let’s also make memories together in 2023🐰🪞

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