2023 (2023.12.29)

Good evening, everyone 🌸




I’ve been saying “I’ll shoot right into your mark” but I’ve never done archery before



It’s Matono Mio









Thank you very much for the last live show of the year








Before going up to the stage, I saw how the number of audience was five times bigger than I imagined


Thank you very much to everyone who came!来


I felt nervous when I thought about how everyone present were all watching us then and there,

but at the same time I gave it my best to perform with the hope of making people interested in Sakurazaka46, even for just a little




Look at this!!


There was a purikura booth near our dressing room that we could freely take pictures with, so we took one ♡














And then!


Thank you very much to everyone who watched

the mini live on 21st December!

It was the first performance of “Don’t cut in line!”


I felt very nervous and worried

about the first song that I centered on,

but thanks to the support of my reassuring friends, I was able to perform it with a feeling of excitement


I spoke about it during the MC too,

but it was new for us to dance while holding a handheld microphone, and I love this song that has its own characteristics.


I hope there will be a chance to perform it in front of all of you one day
















Around this time last year,

It was right before my reveal, and every day I felt so nervous I was on the verge of crying


But now

there are so many people who warmly support me,


I wish I could say this to last year’s me



I was feeling troubled until the very last moment about whether or not I really wanted to be an idol,


that’s why whenever someone told me, “Thank you for becoming an idol”,


it really makes me happy

















They are all memories I will cherish forever






I still have past pictures that I’d like to post


so I will post them little by little 🍀











And I hope to draw many drawings next year as well







There are two days left to 2023…!

Let’s enjoy and cherish them


It seems that this will be my last blog of the year


I wish you all a happy new year


Truly, thank you very much for the past year!!!



#美青blog (Mio blog)

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