2023 (2023.12.31)

2023 will be ending today, huh~.





It’s the three sisters. Group B



It’s AiRiko.


How nostalgic 🤭







Thank you very much

for opening my blog.



I’m Endo Riko from Saitama.







This past year has been the most intense year that is filled with many experiences for me.




For all the time I avoided facing myself in the past,

I am now able to meet many new sides of myself that I didn’t know about before joining the group.


I sometimes have fun and sometimes struggle.

I encounter new emotions through many different experiences.






This was from Natsu no Chikamichi’s MV filming 🫣

Soon it will be a year since this day, huh.





It’d be great if I have grown since then~.




However, I believe that I have grown since then.

I can believe in that, can I…? lol





My first lesson,

My first time wearing a costume that has been made for me,

My first MV filming,

My first recording,

My first concert,

My first time seeing the scenery from the stage,

The Buddies I met for the first time…


I was able to experience so many firsts.

Every moment is an inspiring and very precious memory for me☺︎






When I first met the Buddies, and the first time we talked, everyone’s kindness warmth my heart 🤭


The reason why you could say “You’ve grown” to me is because I was able to do my activities with ease in the warmth of the Buddies.

Thank you very much for always watching over me. ☺︎




I feel that I’m still far from capable of returning all the kindness that you have given me.

Next year, I will do my best to grow in terms of performance while expressing even more gratitude!



First, there’s BACKS LIVE, isn’t it? I’ll do my best.

There will be streaming for it, so I’d be happy if you could give it a look.









3rd generation

Precious girls that I feel I could open my heart to. 🤭





She always sees her surroundings with a bird-eye view. She’s kind, but she has her own individuality, which I admire. The older sister that everyone relies on. I love her ☺︎



I feel calm when I’m with Reina-chan. I’m sure that many people feel the same way. I love the cheerfulness of Reina-chan, who stays at her own pace while observing her own surroundings ☺︎



A kind person who always cares about everyone. She would talk to me lots when we are together, and I could comfortably talk to her. She’s very fun to be with. I love her ☺︎



She is very thorough in everything she does, whether it is dancing, singing, or variety. There are many things that I respect from her. She is kind, treats everyone equally, serious, a little goofy, and cute, I love her ☺︎



She’s been looking out for me since the training camp, thank you 🫣

I’m sure that it must be difficult to balance work and university, but it’s so cool she is when she shows up with a smile in front of the camera, I love her ☺︎



A kind child who notices things that others don’t. When Itoha is smiling, it makes me smile too. She is a sensitive and wonderful girl. I love her ☺︎



When I said I wanted to be more like Mio, she told me, “What are you talking about?”. Mio is a girl with many charms that she herself may not be aware of. I love her ☺︎



Seeing Yu’s positivity and ambition makes me feel positive about myself. She may have a goofy side, but her dancing is sharp and cool. I love her ☺︎



Whenever I watch a dance video, I would naturally look at Miu.

She is honest and hardworking. I also love the cute side of her that appears when she is with 3rd generation members ☺︎



She is kind and good at comforting others. She sees her surroundings well, and I think that she has a very mature way of thinking. A wonderful girl who has many gaps. I love her ☺︎





I hope to make many memories with the 3rd gen members again next year ☺︎









Reflection on this year.


I have never really been someone who takes pictures, so I didn’t have many pictures of this year, 😵

I’ll take loooots of picture next year!!


I have decided to buy a camera 📷. ☺︎













The topic changes,

but we appeared on COUNTDOWN JAPAN 23/24 the other day!


Thank you very much.





I was very happy to have been able to meet the Buddies at the end of the year. ☺︎







This costume sure is cool, isn’t it? 🤵


The 3rd gen members are wearing ribbons instead of neckties. 🎀






I hope that we can see each other a lot next year!











Well then, that’s it for this year’s blog~.


I look forward to your continued support next year as well ☺︎☺︎

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