2023 Tour – Fukuoka (2023.05.23)







It’s late, but…

Thank you to everyone who came
to the Sakurazaka46 “3rd TOUR 2023”
Fukuoka show🤍



First, I’ll send photos from the 1st day〜




Yamashita Shizuki🫶🏻
We were seatmates in the dressing room for 2 days by chance〜
I was happy that she talked to me a lot
Her dimples are cute




Matono Mio-chan🫶🏻
Mio-chan sat behind me so
We talked a lot too〜
She is so mature that I don’t feel the 10-year age gap between us
I want to give her a lot of salmon




Odakura Reina-chan🫶🏻
I admire her for balancing
Her studies and work…!
We talked a lot
during the tour rehearsals〜





I’m happy to be in the position next to her this single〜 
I secretly look forward to seeing
Marino-chan’s hair in every show💭

Before I knew it, Kira was there




Yui-chan was so cute in braids,
I took a photo of her




I sit next to Mii-chan every time we fly
And we always hold hands at takeoff and landing.

I’m a fan of Mii-chan’s neck cocking
in the 2nd part of Nobafo!
Do you also think so〜




Yu-chan says “Let’s take photos
at every show〜”🫶🏻

We ate together,
and her happy face while
eating was so cute〜




I’ll write a separate blog for the 2nd day〜



The second half of the tour starts today!
I’ll do my best✊🏻

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