^.,.^ (2024.03.07)




First of all, I’m relieved that
We could finish the Fukuoka concerts safely

I wish that this moment could last forever
That’s what I thought
It feels lonelyー
Let’s meet next week in Osaka




During the MC on the first day of the Fukuoka concert
The additional shows for this tour were announced
It will be held on   Tokyo Dome


Sakurazaka   is fun, isn’t it
It’s really, really fun
I’d like to share this feeling in that place

I’ll be waiting






Platinum FLASH-san Vol. 25
I’m featured on the back cover
It’s on sale





Everyone was so funnyー
The shoot was done in a warm atmosphere

The bread I got was tasty
That day, I had a lesson after the shoot
So I brought it to the studio
And shared the bread
With the third gens who were there



It’s my last magazine feature as a 18 year old
Be sure to check it out
◜. ̫.◝











The video of me eating yakiniku alone
Was uploaded on
Sakurazaka Channel on YouTube




The font of the letters that appear when I speaked
It looked so squishy, that made me laugh
What the heck is that… I grew fond of it

I thought that shooting for a YouTube video alone
Looked fun,
So I’m happy
I made a new memory

Please watch it if you have the time











Since around the latter half of February
I started to take some pictures

I’ll post them as soon as they are developed

Please wait a little



Murayama Miu

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