#211 (2023.09.11)



I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member
Matsuda Rina from Miyazaki.


Thank you very much for opening my blog.



It was announced today,


but it has been decided that our 7th single, “Shonin Yokkyu”

will be released on 18th October!


Detailed information will slowly be released, so please look forward to it!








To think that we were able to perform overseas twice in one summer… 😭


Continuing from Paris, there was a performance in Malaysia!!

Everyone in Malaysia welcomed us so warmly, and gave us lots of enthusiastic cheers!!

There were those who came from Japan,

I am filled with gratitude toward the Buddies!

Thank you very much!!








Malaysia was amazing!!







And then today,

I will be appearing on a live broadcast of

“Sakura Hinata Lotti no Nobiraji Radio” on NHK Radio 1 from 20:05 JST!


It’s my first appearance ever since Akiho became a regular MC, so I’m looking forward to it~!!


Please give it a listen ✨




Well then~!



Thank you very much for opening this blog



See ya 🌺🌴



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