#246 ZOZO Marine Stadium (2023.11.28)

Good evening!

I’m Matsuda Rina a.k.a Matsuri-chan
A 2nd generation member of Sakurazaka46 from Miyazaki.


Thank you very much for opening my blog.






Thank you very much for Sakurazaka46’s “3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”!!!


Thank you very much to all of you who have came despite the cold, and to those of you who watched through streaming!!




Thanks to all the Buddies who gives us their constant support, we were able to stand on ZOZO Marine Stadium.


And it is thanks to the staff of Team Sakurazaka that we were able to complete an amazing concert and finish the two days safely.




It was such a time filled with gratitude!





I was able to convey my feelings during the MC, and while I don’t know if I was able to convey what I wanted to convey well,



I think that as long as I could convey to you that we could do our best and see many different sights because of Buddies’ cheering and support, that’d be enough!





I am really happy and pleased that we have been able to celebrate out 3rd Anniversary at such a wonderful place.



I hope to be able to see many more different sights in our 4th year together with the Buddies, staff, and members!

For that reason, I will continue to work hard and aim even higher!



Please continue to give your support for Sakurazaka46 in our 4th year as well!






Habu-san’s graduation ceremony was held on the first day!


She was truly so beautiful, and it really sunk to me when I saw Habu-san wearing her dress, which made me feel very sad.



I was really surprised on the reverse surprise, I felt really, really happy!

It sure was very Habu-san-like



In order to live up to the words that Habu-san has given to me, I’d like to keep it to heart and once again do my best both as an individual and as a captain.







Truly, thank you very much for making me laugh lots, for cheering up the mood of the place lots, for showing such a cool figure lot!!!


I love Habu-san!!!!!







And then on the second day, Hikari made her return!!

Welcome backkk!!!



I was so happy to have been able to stand on the stage with her on our 3rd anniversary!

Take it easy and go at your own pace, okay!

Let’s make many more memories together from now on!!





I’ll post more pictures!





Matsuda Rina-chan from the first day




Second day’s Matsuda Rina-chan




‪𓂃 𓈒𓏸◌‬


Speaking of which, Buddies,
Truly thank you very much for your AAA votes!!

Your efforts have reached us!!!

We are so happy and full of gratitude towards you..!!


We too, will do our best to live up to everyone’s expectations!!!!





Thank you very much for reading my blog.


See ya 🌺🌴

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