2nd (2021.04.14)


Hello everyone!




Sakurazaka46’s Kousaka Marino🌸




This uniform become my favorite because it’s cute🐰


By the way, my height grows 1 cm became 155.5 cm! 〜🦶








Today, April 14th, 2nd single ‘BAN’ on sale☁️🎼




I’d be happy if the goodness of each song could reach people as much as possible



There will be a different way on how understanding and interpreting the lyrics between people, so please discover the ways on how to enjoy the songs…👂🏻






The shooting process for single bonus footage was so fun and I hope you guys could watch the bonus as soon as possible, make sure you guys watch it〜🏕





I’m pairing with Uemura-san(⸝⸝•‧̫•⸝⸝)(⸝⸝•‧̫•⸝⸝)(⸝⸝•‧̫•⸝⸝)
It was so funーー!




And after watching the trailer, I was wondering what topics other pairs were having、、




There’ll be various content on the CD’s, so please take a look!



Oh because soon the Meet and Greet will be held, feel free to tell me your thoughts about the songs or maybe something like “I like this part” from the songs, ok?




I’ll do my best on 2nd single!🌸








It’s Kira-chan




It has been decided that Sakurazaka46 is having a collaboration with Tokyo Skytree!



W1SH RIBBON, MV’s panels will be displayed at Tenbo deck, and there’ll be illumination lightning that shows the image of Sakurazakaー!



It’ll be great if everyone’s wish become true〜



The illumination one is supposed to be held until 16th, so please come and take a look☺️






Thank you for reading until the end




Bye bye〜( ˙˘˙ )



Kousaka Marino



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