2nd Year (2022.12.13)




Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱





On December 9, 
Sakurazaka 46 celebrated its 2nd anniversary!!


Thank you to everyone who came to “Sakurazaka 46 2nd 
YEAR ANNIVERSARY 〜Buddies Thanksgiving Party〜” 
held on the 8th and 9th!


🌸Sakurazaka 2022 Quiz
🌸TAKAHIRO-sensei’s commentary on Sakurazaka’s Music
🌸Buddies Q&A Corner
🌸Lottery Corner
🌸Live show

We delivered in a different form 
from the usual live shows〜

We had a fun time 
working with Buddies, answering questions, 
and laughing together^ ^


It was my first time being on a 360-degree stage, 
and it was a very warm and happy space
Since there were Buddies everywhere I looked!





And Shoji Umeka-san, who is well-known as the narrator of Sokosaku,
made an appearance!

Shoji-san’s wonderful voice echoed in the hall the whole time,
It was soothing^ ^

Even before the live part, 
she introduced comments from Buddies,
which I listened to carefully as I prepared〜

Thank you very much!







TAKAHIRO-sensei appeared in the middle of the talk part
dressed as the cloud 
from the MV of “Shakankyori”!☁️


He gave a commentary on two songs!
1st “Jouken Hansha de Nakete Kuru”
2nd “Nobody’s fault”


The members were taught about the meaning of the choreography, 
and many other fascinating things.
He spoke passionately, 
and I was moved by his heartfelt words.

I want to continue to perform each and every choreography 
with great care^ ^

TAKAHIRO-sensei, thank you as always!





Happy 2nd anniversary to all the Buddies as well!
Thank you for all your support!

We are very happy that Sakurazaka is part of your daily life.
I hope it is of some help 
and gives color to your day…

We will continue to do our best 
to make sure you have fun✊🏻

Let’s enjoy the 3rd year as well!







I also have tons of photos with the members^ ^


The live show was fun too!
I got to play around with the members
And get close to the audience!

I was happy to wear the costumes that I hadn’t worn in a while〜











The 5th single will be released on
February 15, 2003 (Wed)!

The solo artist’s photos
were recently released🌼

The release will be next year, 
but I hope you can look forward to it〜









I have another announcement!


“Sakurazaka46 cafe,”
a collaboration cafe will be opened!☕️


The cafe will be opened sequentially in 5 cities across the country
starting from December 23 (Fri)!

There is also a collaborative menu
and original goods designed by the members〜

Reservation seems to have started,
so if you have time,
please come and visit!

I will also go there〜🌸









Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!





The end🌱




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