#4 My Favorite Things (2020.11.29)


Thank you for opening my blog!


21 years old from Kangawa Prefecture, I am Endo Hikari!




On November 27th, the music video for “Buddies” was released!

Thank you so very much for those of you who have already watched it😭


The video came out so wonderful. I want it to be a song that will be loved by everyone for a long time.

It’d truly make me happy if a lot of people watch it!


The costume’s pants have such a cool style!

It’s my favorite☺︎


The sunset looks so pretty too✨


“If it’s with you I can surely go”

“We are free, not carrying anything”

Such lovely lyrics.


 ※tl: from tmi & karl’s lyric translations on stage48)




Also, today is Sugai Yuuka’s birthday!

She’s such a wonderful person, always putting on a tender smile.

Thank you for always caring about me!

I hope you have a wonderfully fun year💐




Today I’m going to write about all my “likes” as I mentioned in a previous blog. ☺︎


🌸Starting with Manga📚


The manga I had a chance to introduce on SokoSaku recently! It’s a manga I’ve liked for a long time✨


●Smile Down the Runway

I’ve liked this one for a long time too, ever since the tankobon came out!👠

I think it’s wonderful when people work hard to make their dreams comes true!


●Radiation House

I talked about this manga in my SHOWROOM back during auditions. It’s also been made into a drama!


There’s also


●Blue Period
●Sen wa, boku wo kaku         ※tl: “The Line that Draws Me” ??
●The Promised Neverland
●Blue Orchestra


And lots more


I’m very moved by stories of people striving towards something as they become adults, especially when it’s in the professional genre (that’s what I’ve come to call it).


I love manga!

But I don’t have a long history of reading it, so all of you who like manga, I definitely want you to tell me your favorite ones!!


🌸Second, Anime📺🌷

Smiling Down the Runway

I’ve been reading the manga for a long time so of course I watched the anime as well!

I’d love for them to continue it.


●The Promised Neverland

I’m excited for the 2nd season that’s starting soon!

I wanna see the movie too.


●Love Live!  Series

When I was watching the new series, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, I was really moved by episode 6 and could totally empathize🥺
※tl: idk anything about LoveLive! so hopefully this is accurate


[email protected] CINDERELLA GIRLS
●Is the Order a Rabbit?
●Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World
●Sword Art Online

etc etc!

if you like the same stuff, let’s talk about it.😉


🌸Next, Movies🎬🎦

●The Princess Diaries
●The Intern
●The Devil Wears Prada
●Step Up series

I also watch science fiction and suspense movies!


🌸Things I Like

Taking walks (& stopping by traditional Japanese dessert shops)🍡

This is something I’ve always liked no matter what!

※tl: she says “Amamichaya-san” and I’m not sure what that is. could also be sweet tea shop? or tea & dessert shop? or she means it as two separate things, tea shops & dessert shops? there’s also a shop with that name but there’s just 1 in Beppu. it’s a traditional japanese confectionery store so that’s why I went with that)


I’m very interested in clothes and makeup

Until I was auditioning, I never put on makeup except for when dancing on stage, so I’m still learning!


I love clothes too and try out a lot of different ones so I can find something that matches my style!


I’m inexperienced with both makeup and fashion, so if you’re knowledgeable about them, please teach me lots about it!🌱




There’s lots more, and I’d love to write about each one in detail, but if I keep going there’d be no end to it, so that’s all for today!

It’d make me happy to hear there are people who like the same things~


Let’s talk a bunch more about it at the Meet & Greet~

We can also talk about your thoughts on the music video or something totally different! I’m looking forward to being able to talk with you!!

I absolutely want you to come meet me♪


🌱Ending Notices🌱


●Tomorrow, on the 30th, I, Endo, with Kousaka Marino-chan will be appearing in BUBKA’s January issue!

There’s also an interview, so definitely take a look!!


It’ll also be featuring a conversation with Ozono Rei-chan & Moriya Rena-chan, as well as with Onuma Akiho-chan & Masumoto Kira-chan!


The front cover is of Sugai Yuuka-san and Tamura Hono-chan☺︎

Thank you for reading today’s blog

I’d be happy if you could read the next Hikarin blog as well!

Well then!




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