#50 Like the scent of flowers🌿 (2022.07.02)

#50 Like the scent of flowers🌿


Thank you for opening my blog!

I am Endo Hikari, 23 years old from Kanagawa Prefecture!


Today, we got to appear on “THE MUSIC DAY” as Sakurazaka46.

This time, we performed the #1 song as voted by all of you…

And the top voted song was “Omotta Yori mo Sabishikunai”🌸

I was very happy that we got to perform on a music television program since it had been a while☺️

Thank you🌱

I secretly had the same part in my hair today~
You can’t tell from the picture, though
I’ll always love her~☺️

Today Yui-chan was calling us the “lovely duo”
Thank you for working so hard to learn your position☺️

A roaring Ms. Onuma🦖

With Marinon👶🏻

Cute today as always~


Thank you for reading my blog again today.

I’d be happy if you could read the next one as well.

Until then.🌿

See ya


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