5th (2022.12.27)

The formation of our 5th single has been announced.



I am truly sorry to the fans who have been cheering for me and had expectations of me for being unable to participate in the title song again.



It makes me worried about whether or not you enjoy supporting me…



I think that the fans will be most pleased to see me doing a lot of activities, so next year I hope to be proactive and send a lot of things to the fans!



To all my fans who support me with the precious time in our limited lives,

I want to be someone you won’t regret cheering for.



Thank you very much for your support as always, truly.



I love you all for even liking me, you are as indispensable in my life as you are important to me (^^)



I hope that we can continue to draw strength in our daily lives from each other.

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