7th Single (2023.10.25)


Hello everyone

I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱

Sakurazaka46’s 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu,”
has been released on October 18 (Wed)!


Thanks to everyone
who got them!


I hope you enjoy 
the songs, music videos,
artwork, bonus videos 🌸

I hope it can reach a lot of people……!







The entire single is now available 
at subscription services as well!

I’ll listen to it right away^ ^ 



Thank you very much 
for your wonderful exhibits every single!



I was able to sign autographs
and write messages in various places〜

Aruhi-kun is somewhere around too
Please look for him🌿 














Here are some off-shot photos…


Please also check the booklet..


I love 
the different atmosphere 
of the photos taken with film and cheki〜 













🌱 “Shinsekai”

It has taken a while to write this but……
I went to Shinsekai!

It was a happy place
I could stay there for hours


Personally, it was the first time 
to see the proposals and behind the scenes of the design and CG patterns,
so it was very interesting and I was looking all the time👀


Off-shot of the goods shooting

“Shinsekai” is being held until October 29 (Sun)!
If you have time, please come! 











🌱 CDTV Live! Live! 


Shonin Yokkyu’s first performance on TV!
How was it?

I get nervous every time I perform for the first time〜



The lighting during the interlude was amazing…
Thank you very much for the camera work 
that matched the choreography, 
and for the wonderful video in the background! 









I was happy 
because I don’t get many chances to talk about the songs like this 
on the day of the release!

It was a new experience for me to be alone, but it was a lot of fun〜

Thank you to everyone 
who listened to the show^ ^ 









🌱 Hit Campaign

I tried curling together with
Yamashita Shizuki-chan and Taniguchi Airi-chan🥌



It was our first try at curling, and we struggled a bit, 
but somehow the 3 of us all succeeded! I’m really happy〜〜




And above all, we were able to succeed 
thanks to the guidance of Ichikawa Miyo-sensei 
and the university student athletes!


They were very kind 
and gave us warm words of encouragement many times, 
which really touched our hearts…

Truly, thank you very much! 











🌱 Weekly Shonen Magazine

I am pleased to have served as the cover!
I’m so happy^ ^



I was healed in a place rich in nature〜
The magazine’s shoots are always
Cheerful, friendly, and fun🫧


I was so happy 
to hear some people got it
and some showed it to me at meet and greet!

Thank you very much! 









Well, that’s all for today.

Thank you for reading until the end!

The end🌱


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