7th single “Shonin Yokkyu” is out on sale! (2023.10.19)

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I’m Sakurazaka46’s Onuma Akiho
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18th October10月18日は

Was Sakurazaka46’s 7th single “Shonin Yokkyu”s櫻坂46 7枚目シングル『承認欲求』

Release day! ✨


It’s finally been released!!

It makes me very happy
That it reached all of you!

Thank you very much for always
Supporting Sakurazaka46 ☺︎


Which song do you like~??
Please let me know next time ☺︎




And on the other day,

The MV for “Sukima kaze yo”

Has been released on YouTube!


It’s centered by Kobayashi Yui-san ✨



The scene between Yui-san and Habu-chan

moved me




The moment I listened to this song for the first time,
I already thought that the lyrics are very realistic



“I want to be like myself more, doing what I want to do

How can I be excusable to them?”



“Being the way I am

somehow makes me the odd one.

I can never accept that, but still,

the world neglects me and goes around”



“A draft of air, without a sound

Why am I crying?

I’m hurt, but I’m used to it

So I’m numb to everything…

Don’t you dare to say you want to die,

I tell myself

I don’t know what I can take for granted anymore”



When did
life becomes so hard
for people?
You lose sense of things that are normal
so much so you can’t remember who you are before things become hard

As you get more used to being hurt
You become numb to everything
but you are wounded and it becomes a scar

This is what I thought when I listened to this song





We danced the last chorus in front of a big fire


It was the first time I had seen such a huge fire

and feel warm instead of scared


For some reason, it also fired up my emotions

and it was also the first time seeing a fire made me want to cry



I danced the last chorus

while releasing all the feelings in my heart





I shot the MV while savoring my time with Habu-chan





It was very cold, but the scenery was very beautiful




The dry flowers were beautiful too






And the 6th round of meguri is open
until today at 14 PM JST!!☺︎


Real meguri is also accepting the first round of application
For real meguri, it’s until 23:59 PM JST ⚠️



I look forward to meeting all of you ☺️

I’d be happy if you could come and see me!

I’m awaiting your applications 🦖


Thank you as always *・゜゚・*






Thank you very much
for reading until the end!










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You’ve been caught in a 104cm swamp

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