Ah… I started reading a book again… it’s a good book but… I started over from the beginning because I was like “Huh? What was it about again?” and now I’m on page three (2023.06.02)








I’m 18 years old Yamashita Shizuki
from Kyoto




Thank you very much

for Sakurazaka46 “3rd TOUR 2023”


There was a live stream
of the finale in Osaka…
I hope that people who weren’t able to go to the concert
could watch it as well




This was the first tour that the 3rd generation participated in
We were able to gain a lot of experience, knowledge, and memories


And thank you very much
for warmly watching over the 3rd generation
We will continue to give our best from now on
So please continue to support us




We were able to come close to the audience during the encore~
I was able to see lots
of the boards or uchiwa that you made
as well as your towels and penlight colors

I feel sorry that I couldn’t respond to it all, but I felt really happy about it
Thank you very much for all the efforts made for me…




The tour was really fun
Thank you very much 🧸






What I ate in each performance~ The background of this picture is black, so you can paint over my drawings with black or erase it…
and enjoy the picture with or without the scribbles on it… So feel free to 🫑









28th June 2023

6th single “Start over!” will be released


Catchy tune, cool MV…




And at the same time
the applications for meet & greet
have started~

3rd generation will be joining too



It’s been a little while
since the last meet & greet session
So when I think about the people I will chat with after a while…
and wondering if there will be new faces
it makes me excited



Something interesting
from 3rd generation members’ meet & greet

Sometimes I could hear their voices from my room, and sometimes I’d hear things that make me think, “If someone said this to me, I would surely fall for them…”

Doesn’t that interest you?



I’ll be waiting for you 🐾




Announcement 🧸


I will be appearing in bis July edition
that was released on 1st June



I was able to do a photoshoot wearing pink clothes with pink background…
Pink is my favorite color…
so I had a lot of fun


By all means, please give it a look β€ͺ
bis-san, thank you very much β€ͺ





I will be appearing in Shunkan Playboy
that will be on sale 5th June



The photoshoot session had a warm atmosphere
I was able to shoot it
with natural expressions


By all means, please give it a look
Shunkan Playboy-san, thank you very much β€ͺ




Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?



Did you watch it?…



We went to ride FujiQ Highland’s FUJIYAMA…
I’m really bad
with thrill rides, heights…
I was really scared for sure~

The difference in energy among the 3rd gens
between those that are bad with it and good with it
was weird lol




And so around here
I bring today’s blog to an end



Thank you very much for reading until the end




Tomorrow is Rika 🧸

The other day, when I looked in my bag after a lesson
There was a chocolate with a warm message attached to it
It seemed that Rika had secretly put it there for me… She’s so kind, thank youβ€ͺ β€ͺ






Bye by~e *Λ™οΈΆΛ™*)οΎ‰”





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