April 6th (2022.04.06)






Good evening!





Since April 6th has become a special day, this has been the sixth April 6th.
Today is the 6th anniversary of the debut of the 1st generation🎂🤍





Surprisingly, it has only been 6 years


I have experienced various things
And I realized again that it was an intense 6 years💭




To those who supported me since Keyakizaka
and to those who supported me when we became Sakurazaka
Thank you very much!!!



To those who found me before our debut,
we’ve been together for 6 years now〜





And today is the release day of the 4th single🌸


If you’ve already picked it up,
thank you!





Risa and Aoi will graduate with this single.


For the remaining time until graduation,
I want to spend a lot of time sticking to both of them.






We went to Tokyu Shibuya Stream!





Everyone became nostalgic
We lined up in a row like in the music video of Silent Majority. (lol)





We were supposed to recreate the expressions in the music video,
But then we laughed…



After filming the dance scene,
We got in the car and slept while moving,
Immediately after waking up, the scene where we stood in a row was filmed.


That was the only part I really remember💭
(around 3:58 in the MV)





I signed on to the panel at




Pictures of behind the scenes of the music video
of these 3 MVs were displayed


Thank you very much!


I haven’t seen these pictures before〜





These 2 were my favorites♡





Again, thank you for your support
of the 4th single “Samidare yo”🌸🌸🌸🌸



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