At last (2022.08.02)


I’m Moriya Rena🍒






Guess whatー? Todayー
I was finally able to meet with the members after a long time!

It was a relief to see their cheerful faces☺️☕️






Tomorrow is finally the release date
of our first album “As you know?” 🌸
I’m so excited ♡

I wonder if there’s also some people
who are getting their copies today before the official releaseー?

I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts…













Tomorrow, August 3rd (Wednesday), 8.00~
I will be appearing on
the VTR of TBS “Love It!”🐰🤍



Rei-chan will be in the studio.

Hono-chan and I will be in the VTR.




For the Theme Park Location Shoot SP
I got to visit
Wakayama Prefecture’s Adventure World☺︎



This was my first time
setting foot in Wakayama and Adventure World〜



Everything was fresh for my first time in Wakayama
The air was delicious,
To think such a wonderful place exists…


I wished I knew about it sooner!



I had a fun time with
Mitorizu-san, Kaerutei-san,
and Shimofuri Myojo’s Seiya-san






Summer memories…




The headband was cute 🐼





Red panda and panda





Feeding the rhinoceros





I was able to interact with dolphins
which I love so much ー🐬





I’d be happy if you would watch it, by all means 🥕











August 6th(Saturday), 21.55~
I will be appearing on
TV Asahi’s
“Cyber Worldwide Show”




I realized there’s so many

places, occupations and events in the world

that I don’t know about, and I also learned a lot




The countries I want to visit are also increasing…
It was a very fun recording☺︎




I’d be very happy if you would watch it🌍🤍












Sakumimi #172
is being published👂🏻♡


To commemorate the release
of our first album “As you know?”
it will be available on the SPECIAL SITE,
even those who are not fan club members can listen to it!



Marinon, Yui-chan, and I
had a chat
Please listen to it when you have time.






See ya〜




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