BACKS LIVE !! (2021.06.24)







On the other day, three days of BACKS LIVE
has safely concluded
Truly thank you very much
to those of you who has come to the venue
and cheered for us online 😃♥️


It’s been a while since I’ve seen you
so when I raised my head on the first song “Nobody’s fault”
I was deeply moved!




After the end of the rehearsal,
we peeled off together
he tapes we are greatly indebted to in studio
I somewhat had a mixed feeling of
“The exhilaration of peeling it off” + “sadness”
By the way I always feel this way every time




This time, on the songs I newly perform in,
each members memorize on their own
while watching the video with the original members
Because of that we spent a lot of time talking together
I felt that a strong relationship was born
that goes beyond the heart and regardless of our generation,
but as the team “Sakurazaka46”









And above all


Something that I learned over the time is,



That this experience has given each of us
People grow stronger with this kind of accumulation
and will be reborn as a new person ✨
Because what happens from now is a new start
Everyone, please keep an eye on all of us




So that in the upcoming “W-KEYAKI FES.2021”
The strongest bond could be born
I’d like to thoroughly do it passionately
Be sure to prepare yourself〜 〜 〜😝❤️‍🔥



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