Betray me? (2024.06.09)





Thank you for opening my blog




I’m Sakurazaka46 third generation’s 19 year old
Taniguchi Airi from Yamaguchi 🐡








ーーー Jigoujitoku ーーー


The other day, the MV for “Jigoujitoku”
Was released on Sakurazaka46’s official channel!




The scene where we danced while being splattered with powder and paint was such a new experience, it was soooo fun!


I got to see various members dancing during the shoot, and I was really enchanted by them, it made me think that I should work even harder!


I really like Jigoujitoku as a song, especially the instrumental in the intro,,,
I go “Whoa~~!” every time I listen to it with my earphones,,!




I really like her dancing in the part before the last chorus, I watched her the whole time


She got mad because I stabbed her with the fake nail 😒


Seeing MuraiYu with parted bangs felt fresh, it was nice


I couldn’t help laughing when she splattered more paint on herself 🤭




I was happy because we got to dance in the same part for the last chorus~ 🥰


I got pampered by her 🥰
Thank you very much! 🙇‍♀️



I still have some more photos, so I’ll post them next time~!



To commemorate the release of the 9th single,
We will hold real meet & greet events~!


Time: 2024-08-11 (Sun)
Place: Makuhari Messe

Time: 2024-08-31 (Sat)
Place: Kyoto Pulse Plaza


We will also hold an online meet & greet on September 1st (Sat)!


The applications will be coming later, so I’ll be waiting~!





6 days left until the Tokyo Dome concert!!


See you 👋👋

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