Big sis (2022.05.23)




I’ve been saved many times by her kindness

that always acts with the people around her in mind.



I’ve been encouraged many times by seeing her hard-working and strong appearance,

that doesn’t change her expression no matter how hard things are.



I’ve been soothed a lot by her mischievous and cute appearance

that makes me laugh as she jokes around to the fullest.



I hope that her enveloping warm smile will continue forever.







You see.



This is what I wanted to say.



During “Buddies” performance.





But I was so nervous, I couldn’t convey it well…





And I just feel so frustrated about it…





I feel so regretful. I cried because of many things that happen.







But those are the words that I really want to convey, so I wrote them here.








As I thought, I still need my big sis.





So please continue to be my big sis. Risa-san.



































To the fans who are feeling sad about Risa-san’s graduation,



here are some present~








Please cheer up from seeing this ^ ^








































I will do my best so that Risa-san can say, “She’s my little sis that I’m proud of”!







Thank you very much.

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