BOMB (2022.04.12)






I’m Sakurazaka46’s
Moriya Rena🍒







For BOMB’s May issue
which is currently releasing


This time, I’ve received the honor of being featured on the front cover🌸



I’m very happy!
Thank you very much.










And inside
Rina-san and Yumi-chan are also being featured〜







It’s cherry blossom season, so there’s shots of me going cherry blossom viewing
And leisurely making jam…🍓




Next time I want to try making jam at home too〜








Wearing a beret like a Paris girl and going for a walk with a baguette in my hand 🥖










It was a really really fun shoot☺︎
Thank you very much.







The highlight is me in a sakura pink one-piece dress🌸
I would be very happy if you got a copy〜














On Fan Club Radio
Sakumimi #139




The three of us, Yui-chan, Hikaru-chan and myself,
got to have a really fun talk ♪




This time, unbelievably!!
We got to record at TOKYO FM’s radio booth☺︎





The recording for Sakumimi
was done right after we appeared on the live broadcast for
“SCHOOL OF LOCK! Board of Education” the other day!





Please be sure to listen to it〜👂🏻♡












See ya〜






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