Bonds (2022.08.23)

Today’s blog is a bit long, but I hope that you could read it until the end ☺︎





The transfer performance. The revenge performance.
We were able to hold it successfully…!



Truly, truly, thank you very much.
I am sincerely grateful to everyone involved in making it happen.



The stage that was canceled before was able to be brought back in the exact same form,
What should have ended as a regretful memory became such an amazing memory that I could never forget


I never expected that such a miracle is possible!!


I am filled with the sincerest gratitude to all the staff members, to all the circumstances that led to this event.



I want to return the favor with this stage.
Determining to convey that, I faced the event.








I was able to go see it the night before.
This is another one of the things that was made for our memories in the same way it was made for the memories of you Buddies


I feel so much thankfulness and a great feeling of love for all of it.






And more than anything, towards the Buddies


The moment I stepped onto the stage and saw the scenery that unfolded as well as everyone’s warm smiles, I had to desperately hold back my tears!




I could finally meet you, I could finally see your faces, I felt so relieved



The ones who created this miracle together with us are the Buddies, who are without a doubt our greatest supporters


So many things have happened leading up to this day.


To know how much we are being supported, to know how much you wanted to see us…


Truly, thank you.



Once again, thank you for making time and creating summer memories together with us!



It was the greatest feeling of enthusiasm and excitement!



Both the weather and the temperature,
it was hot, it was cold,
I’m sure that there must’ve been so many things that were tough, so please take care of yourselves…!












And Ozeki-san, Harada-san
congratulations on your graduation 🌸
Truly, thank you for your hard work.



Being able to send the two of them off with a smile at this place has become a special memory for me.





First of all, Ozeki-san.
Ozeki-san was the first senior to take me out for a meal. I was so happy about it…


Ever since 2nd generation members joined, she has always cared for us more than herself.
When we feel anxious at various turning points, she would say things to reassure us more than anyone.


So many 2nd generation members mentioned it in the ceremony, so once again I felt the feeling of gratitude toward Ozeki-san, the memories of what you have done for me, and how big of a presence you are for all of us.



I hope that Ozeki-san can always be happy, smiling in your own cute way.



There’s a bit more time for us to work with Ozeki-san ^ ^ So let’s continue making memories together ^ ^











You were really a senior who I had always learned from.
My respect, my gratitude, my longing, and more than anything, how you have been my emotional support.
I was able to do my best because of Harada-san.



The reason I am on the path I am on now is undoubtedly thanks to Harada-san,
because of Harada-san, somehow I am able to make it this far, even if sometimes I looked back.





Aotan, at the very end, I started to gradually be able to call you Aotan… I guess it’s too late, huh?… lol


It’s out of my respect for you.
I am grateful. Please continue to be happy in your Aotan-like way.

















Thank you so, so much.
Thank you so much, everyone!!!
















And last night,
Sugai-san announced her graduation.


I am truly such a lucky junior to be able to have Sugai-san as my captain, to be able to follow Sugai-san.


It just so happens that during the preparation period for this concert, I was saved by the size of Sugai-san’s presence.


For example, the things that I kept in my mind and been thinking about, things that I cannot say or discuss with anyone,


But when it comes to Sugai-san, I could honestly talk about it


And Sugai-san would then take it all in, and think about it together with me.


Even though she needs to think a lot not just about herself, but also about the group,
she so earnestly thinks about a junior.


Such a captain is someone I can rely on, I loved you!




The other day, as the seniors celebrated their 7 year anniversary, while looking on at them the 2nd generation members were muttering and saying things like,


“We are here because of the 1st generation-san, aren’t we?”




“Thank you very much for making us into idols”



A senior’s graduation makes me very sad
So sad, it’s unbearable.


But I’d like to continue to spend my time in such way so that I won’t feel regret when we say goodbye.



That’s why let’s create many memories together as well, Buddies!


Let’s make the tour into something great!


And at the end, in Tokyo Dome, let’s convey so much gratitude and love to Sugai-san!







Thank you very much for reading until the end.


Well then! See ya ^ ^

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