Harada Aoi

Mirakuru-kuru💫 (2020.12.22)

*Translation note: This is a pun where “mirakuru” is “miracle” in katakana, while kuru-kuru is onomatopoeia for spinning, as in your head spinning from the difficult quiz Good evening Long time no see Go-chan! *Translation note: Go-chan is the mascot for TV Asahi It is nearly Christmas🎄 When it becomes the end of the year …

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🤍🖤 (2020.12.20)

Good day On『CDTV Live! Live! Christmas Special』airing 21 December we will perform ♪Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattan darou? We received bath salt ✌︎ That fact that we can perform a coupling song…! With this opportunity, I’m glad if many people can get to listen to Naze Koi ☺︎ It’s soon Christmas in the world, huh! …

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☕️ (2020.12.16)

Good evening~ Donnn…. The Sakurazaka46 Cafe is opening at Omotesando from 3rd of December Osaka from 24th of December Not only the menu, there are also many goods you can only get at the cafe, so put on your mask properly and while being careful of infection, please go for a visit! Please enjoy~! The …

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Winter ☃️ (2020.12.15)

Good evening 『Nobody’s fault』was released on 9 December. 🌸 It is a very grateful and happy feeling that we can start again from 1, as Sakurazaka46. So that we can take pride in Sakurazaka46, without sparing any effort, I want to do my very best from now on and aim to become a group overflowing …

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Shiwasu. ☃️ (2020.12.04)

*Shiwasu means December in Japan’s old calendar, written as 師走 Good evening~ It became December. Fast. The satsuma mandarins are delicious and I end up eating many 🍊 Also, recently I’ve been fiddling some with cosmetics ☺︎ I am featured together with Inoue Rina in Young Gangan No.24 on sale 4 December. The front cover …

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Weeds🌱 (2020.11.19)

Good evening The MV of『Naze Koi wo Shite Konakattan darou?』was released!🌸 It’s a bright song that makes you pleasantly think the protagonist is adorable~ https://youtu.be/S4gEJIyLHlM  Karin-chan is cute. Please listen to it alot ♪ The outfit is very cute I love it💖 In the spiral staircase dancing scene, I was the one furthest down so …

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Paka (2020.11.05)

Paka (**sound when breaking open an egg) 🐥 Have a look at the November greetings too, okay?💖 https://sakurazaka46.com/s/s46/search/artist?ima=2933 See ya~ Recently I feel like I wanna do weird faces when taking pictures. lol Aoi Harada Aoi blog 2020/11/05 01:11

Sun🐣 (2020.10.20)

Harada Aoi blog 2020/10/20 23:33 Good evening It is Harada Aoi of Sakurazaka46 🦖🌸 (still not used to seeing it, or saying it〜 lol) To everyone who watched Keyakizaka46 THE LAST LIVE, thank you so much!! I am very happy that we could tie up the loose ends of Keyakizaka46 enjoyably, without regret, to the …

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