Cheek (2024.03.18)

Good evening 🧸


“AEON Card”


I’m making an appearance in

the new commercial that is airing!



This time, we had the privilege of filming

under the direction of Yamada Takayuki again,

it’s a fun commercial that

will make you giggle a bit (^.^)




It was fun to film the scene

together with Hii-chan~~~!🌱


Cheek (2024.03.18)


We also have the AEON card live concert

at the end of this month!



I’m looking forward to it ♩







Thank you so much for





It made me happy that

we’ve always been welcomed warmly~~☺️


This time we also took fun photos for SNS with props,

and also content for the official Youtube account and Radiko,

I hope you can listen to it again~!







Starting Monday, April 8th

TV Tokyo “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”


It was announced during the Fukuoka tour date

that if you miss any episode,

it will be available for streaming in Lemino🏃🏻🌸






Also, from Monday March 22nd, at 12:00

As a “Nationwide sokosaku blossoming announcement”,

There will be a special program available in Lemino only

to commemorate the reruns~~~!




It makes me really happy that

everyone across the country will be able to watch it~!!


This also made my parents in Osaka very happy! LOL


Please look forward to it^ ‪^


So cute. Everyone is amazing! Admirable! Lovely!



I really think so all the time.




“Nando LOVE SONG no kashi wo yomikaeshita darou” (How many times have I reread LOVE SONG’s lyrics?)


I really love everyone here a lot,

The day I was watching it in Youtube,

it happened by chance

that it was also the day it reached 1 million views.



Feeling that I had become one among all those views,

it was a really happy day.



I really liked the words in the blackboard

at the end of the MV. ☺️



The main point is that I love everyone,

especially my mother’s oshi from the very beginning 🙊LOL








Tomorrow we have live in Aichi!


There’s also Tokyo Dome coming up.


During this tour,

we have reached a turning point as well.


Wow, so fast!


I really like these concerts.

I don’t want them to end~~~~



I want to see the Buddies’ smiling faces!


I’m looking forward to it~!




See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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