Cheki (2022.08.04)

Good evening!




On Friday August 5th, from 19:30
in the Youtube’s Sakurazaka46 Official Channel



The leading song “Masatsukeisuu”
from our 1st album “As you know?”
that was released yesterday


We will have the opportunity to
perform it tomorrow for the first time in a live broadcast 🕊


Cheki (2022.08.04)



It would make me happy if you could
share this time together with many people.





You can also subscribe to
live delivery notifications on Youtube,
so you don’t forget ☺️





It’s the first time we do this kind of performance,
so we are all very nervous and excited…!






Thanks a lot for your support ( .. )


Here are some behind the scenes shots from the album jacket photo session~



We went to my beloved Okinawa for the photo shooting!



Time goes by slowly when I’m in Okinawa,
it’s a place I really love.




The booklet included inside the album
is also drawing a lot of attention~ 🧐








Last night was “Rekomen!”
Thank you very much ‪‪☺︎


It was fun~.



And personally,
I also learned a lot!


Thank you so much for this valuable experience.








Sakurazaka46’s voice stamps
have been released
in the LINE application 🌸



This time, I’m in charge of the
“Nemu Nemu Desu (sleepy sleepy)” stamp 😪🐑



I wonder if I told you about this!?
Maybe I wrote it in the blog.


If anyone knows,
please let me know ☺︎ LOL







The Meet & Greet sessions
are starting on the 7th!


It’s coming up soon ☺️


It’s been a while since we last met, what shall we talk about~?



I’m looking forward to it!



Well then, see you tomorrow
in the Youtube broadcast!



See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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