Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom (2023.03.24)

Hello Everyone!!

Thank you for opening my blog 🌸


It’s been a while ☺︎

Matono Mio will be the one in charge for today’s blog 🎯


Did you enjoy my 1st blog?

There are many, many things that I want to talk about, I am not sure what to write this time either….



First, let’s talk about the recent meet and greet!

Thank you very much for the 3.18, 3.19 Meet and Greet!

It was a pleasure getting to talk a lot with everyone!! ‪‪🫶🏻💞



I really like all of you

Previously, I was talking about the fans in front of Shizuki,

telling her how I remembered all the faces of those who came to my meet and greet,
and she called me a needy woman


But that’s just how much I love everyone


Please don’t ever leave me~♡

I remember your faces well


In the 1st blog, I did a hair bun hairstyle but, I heard a voice saying “If you make it 2, it will be like a bear right?”. I thought, “Indeed!” and did it 🧸




I’ll be waiting for a lot of selfie requests in Meet and Greet. 😎🤳


[t/n: Caption in Matono’s hair: “Kuma” (bear). Caption with arrow: “Shizuki’s hand”]

Shizuki came to my house that day and we took a selfie together ☺️

Shizuki and I are often together at various times 🌙

We went to eat Hakata Ramen 🍜 together…
We get sushi together particularly often🍣


We both love the same plushie character, we both like salmon, the things we think, the jokes we are into, the food we like, (we both like Kobayashi Yui-san💞‬), we’re amazingly similar 😺

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Actually, on that day, I thought about shopping online for a hair net for my hair bun but,

I bought a wig net by mistake,
The 2 of us wore the wig net and became onion heads🧅, we burst out in laughter together.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

📸 Photographer: Airi 💭 ̖́-



And, I finally received your fan letters!

I carefully read the fan letters from everyone with tears flowing down my face. 💌

Really, thank you so much as always 💐


I feel indebted to you all for the energy you’re always giving me on a daily basis.


I wish for tomorrow to be a good day for everyone.

I wish for everyone to be able to get through the hardships and keep smiling

I wish happiness for everyone

I am always praying for it 🍀


I will do my very best so that one day you will be glad to be supporting, and be energized when seeing Matono🏃‍♂️

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –




I am often asked what my favorite anime is,
I like “Bungo Stray Dogs” … !

(I like Edogawa Ranpo-san 🫣
but Akutagawa-san too.. Ah, wait, I like Kyoka-chan too… Aaaaaa but I am also into Chuya-san…… wait, I like everyone.)



I like watching animes, so by all means, please tell me your recommendations~ 📺


📸 I drew a spring-like illustration 𓂃 𓈒𓏸✎


I suddenly noticed that it’s the season for sakura flowers to bloom

I feel like Sakura flowers quietly announce the arrival of spring 🌸


March is ending soon.

There are sooooooo many things that happened to me in the past few months 😆

Joining the Sakurazaka Audition, getting accepted

Meeting the other 3rd gens, going through the training camp together, and all of it led to our reveal and the start of our activities

And, most importantly, meeting all the fans…

All of it was intense


From April too, I will do my very best in my own way 👍🏻

In April, students will start their new school year.

💙 Here’s a quiz. What do you think are my best and worst subjects? 💙

I will write the answer in the next blog〜✍

Thank you very much for reading until here!

Tomorrow is~ Itoha!
Itoha’s laughter makes it easy to tell where she is 😂
Look forward to it~!!

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