Collar (2023.06.30)

Good evening 🥤



Out on sale today Friday June 30th
“Seventeen” magazine, 2023 summer edition

I am featured in an article
together with Karin-chan and Hii-chan.

Collar (2023.06.30)



It’s summer~!!! 👒


It was an extremely cute photo shooting ☺︎




During the “26th Seventeen’s Summer School Festival 2023”
Sakurazaka46 will be doing a live performance!

I’m looking forward to it~!

Looking forward to your support ☺️🍉




Saturday July 1st

Sakurazaka46 will appear between 16:00 and 17:00 🕰

The broadcast starts at 23:00 🌙


Tomorrow both will be
performances during live broadcast!
So I will do my best 🙂




Sunday July 2nd

Broadcast starts at 22:00

It was the first time that I got paired with Ariyoshi-san
It was so much fun~!
Please watch it by all means

On this day we also have the first round
of Meet & Greets for the 6th single!

Thanks a lot for your support ☺︎





The dance practice video of “Start Over!”
has been published 🕺

We have a lot of things prepared for this single,
so I hope that the Buddies
 will be happy about it too~~


I wonder if the Buddies are also busy
with all the daily information? 🙊

Thank you as always!
Fight~!!! LOL

We will do our best too☄️





Recently my blog
has become full of announcements,
so I’ve been trying to share photos as much as possible, however…


There are so many similar pictures…


I’m sorry about that…



See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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