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(t/n note – caption: “Open For Business”)





















(t/n note – caption: “Uniair Teahouse”)





From shooting for Uniair-san~☺️❤️


I really liked the retro feel of it👏🏻


「NOSTALGIC GIRLS COLLECTION」 is being featured right now, so please check it out~!!









🕺Thursday, June 2nd 20:30 to 20:57
💃Friday, June 3rd 21:00 to 21:27


「D.LEAGUE × Sakurazaka46   Dance Game Battle」 will be airing❕

The 6 of us from Sakurazaka46 that will be attending are Koike, Saito, Sugai, Inoue, Onuma, and Takemoto🙇🏻‍♀️

I was incredibly nervous in front of everyone from D.League, but they were all really kind.

What left an impression on me above all else, though, was everyone’s incredible dancing.

It was a sincerely enjoyable, inspiring, and educational experience!!



Please do watch it🌟



Where to watch it→ https://instabio.cc/3021506Pp0IQ9

Further details→ https://home.dleague.co.jp/news/njzjvcv6nb/



I’ll write another entry after it airs~!🥹



Saito Fuyuka



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