Fairy (2022.03.26)

Good evening ☁


The MV of the 4th single’s coupling song
“Boku no Dilemma”


has been released. 🦋





Fairy (2022.03.26)







It was the first time I had the opportunity
to participate in the shooting of a MV together with all the members,
so I was very happy. 😌



Thank you.




This is the song where all members
are participating since “Sakurazaka no uta”,
so I’m looking forward to the day when we can perform it!





At the time the MV was released,
just like everyone else,
I was watching it real-time
from the countdown.


I was nervous~ 🙊




Please watch and listen a lot to
“Boku no Dilemma” ‪☺︎




I look forward to your support.









Tomorrow Sunday 27th, broadcasting at 22:24
I will be making an appearance in


the TV Tokyo’s the variety show “Ariyoshieeeee!” 🎮💫






I got to play with everyone
a game called “Pico Park” 💪🏻




Sometimes I ended up forgetting
that this was a recording,
I was enjoying it very much ( •︠ˍ•︡ )




I’m a bit worried about the broadcast! (laughs)







And then, tomorrow at 21:00,
before the show broadcast,
I will send a Vhonotalk video
in the Sakurazaka46 message App. 🏃



A few days ago, when I asked everyone
to send me their questions,
I got questions about make-up, therefore,


I took a video to introduce a bit some of the cosmetics
I used for this recording day~





These flower earrings
were very cute 🌸♡



If you’d like, please come and check it out.







We are being featured in the cover of
the now on sale issue of “B.L.T” magazine. ✈️


I hope you can find it in your nearest bookstore.



Also, I will be posting some of the off-shots later!




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono



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