Final! (2022.05.25)

Good evening~






My graduation concert that was held on 21~22 May
has safely concluded!
Truly, thank you very much
to all of you who have come to the venue,
who have watched the streaming ☺️


























I spent my time until my graduation day
trying to make many memories



The more I spent every day filled with smiles,
the more my feeling of love increases,
and I thought about how nice it would be if things stayed like this forever…





I am truly happy to have been able to
spend my graduation day with all of you 🌸



Let’s both of us look forward and do our best
so that we could meet again



I wish that you could stay well πŸ•Š





I am truly grateful to all the parties
that I have worked together with in my activities up until now



Truly, thank you very much!


Please continue to take care of me 😌





See ya~!


Watanabe Risa

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