Gaze (2021.04.10)

Good Evening!


Today, in MSte’s 3-hour Special
we performed the 2nd Single “BAN”
for the first time.



Thank you very much.


I’m really happy that
everyone can finally see BAN’s performance
and convey it in this way.


I will continue doing my best,
cherishing each and every opportunity.


Listen a lot to BAN 🕺🔥



I was happy that I was able to sit
on the gallery in the stage,
and feel the power of the music with my body.


The performances by the high school students were also very moving,
as each of them conveyed their feelings strongly.
It left a lasting impression on me …😖



It gave me energy starting tomorrow


Let’s do our best.



I like Inoue’s Part
So cool 🥰



Lately, I’ve been taking photos and
talking with Rena a lot~
I am so happy we became good friends 😌💭



I always receive
Tamutamu pose from Karin-chan 🧸♡
This one is a half version!



Karin is cute
and coooool







( ˶ ̇ ̵ ̇˶ )


So good! !



Let’s do our best tomorrow tooー


Good night.


See you!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono



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