Gratitude (2020.10.17)

Good evening!



Although I’m late
Truly, truly, thank you very much
for Keyakizaka46 The Last Live.


I genuinely had fun!




I couldn’t see the fans at the venue,
but I felt like you were there with us,
and I’ve always felt that you were close to us.


Thank you for sending your thoughts
from afar.


It have properly arrived ☺️



During this 2 day of performances,
I felt that my eyes met with other members so many times.


I don’t know if it was tears, or something that oozed from within,
but everyone’s eyes were shining so brightly
It’s beautiful, it’s transient , it’s pretty…
I felt it over and over again.




I love everyone.

May all of the members
ontinue to smile from now on!





With the end of this live,
we have been reborn into Sakurazaka46.



From now on, I hope that Sakurazaka46
can be a group
from which people could learn about Keyakizaka46’s music as well


I want to do activities in Sakurazaka46
that can live up to the name of Keyakizaka46.




To everyone who has been involved with Keyakizaka46
And to the fans who have always unchangingly
continued to support us at any time,
Truly, truly, thank you very much.



(A staff took this picture!)



We are looking forward to your continued support
in Sakurazaka46🌸





See you!
Sakurazaka46’s Tamura Hono

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