Guilty Pleasure (2022.01.25)

Good evening. 🌟


Tomorrow Wednesday 26th, from 8 AM in the morning, it’s “Love it!” in TBS.


Guilty Pleasure (2022.01.25)


I went to the tasting guilty pleasure gourmet food’s location shooting in Suehirogarizu’s (comedy duo) “Latest Tokyo Information Record” segment.   🏃


A surprising feeling of guiltiness…it was amazing~~!


It was my first outdoor location shooting in “Love it!”.

It made me extremely happy and I had a lot of fun. ☺︎


I want to go again. 🎶


Please watch it, by all means. 🐰♡


Last night, Watanabe Risa-san announced her graduation from the group.


The more I tried to leave as many memories behind possible, now I realized this is really the “last”, so it made me feel lonely and sad…


I want to cherish the remaining time left, while spending my time reflecting upon this.


Until the last moment, I hope we can have fun and smile a lot…


Risa-san. Thank you as always for everything.

I like you very much ☺️


See you!


Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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