Heart (2022.04.05)

Good evening ☁️



We had just appeared in NHK’s “Utacon”☺︎
The live music I listened to at a close distance was very impactful.
My heart became very happy and warm, which made me excited and I put even more feelings into the performance.
Thank you very much! 😭





Today we argued again with each other about who is the real “Yui-chan”, but since Hono-chan took Yui-san’s side it was my loss. 🥺




Ten-sama’s appears~ 🐍




When we took this picture, the three of us were laughing a lot… it was fun.☺︎










Tomorrow, 6th April, is finally 4th single’s “Samidare yo” release date 🌂✨



Time flies faster and faster each year
I strongly feel that I would hate to be unaware of the casual happiness that flows through me before I notice them.



I put a lot of thought into the process of delivering the music to everyone while concentrating so as not to miss a single moment.



My feelings when recording a phrase, the tip of my fingers when dancing, my feelings when filming the MV, and everything else,
This time, I worked on it with the importance of what I feel “now”, carefully, and with the hope that it may reach someone.




I hope that this 4th single
maybe a source of support for a lot of people!


I hope that my gratitude could be conveyed!☺︎



Thank you very much everyone ✨










I have an announcement for you! Tomorrow night!


6th April from 7 to 9PM JST
I will be appearing on “Hayashi Osamu’s Nippon Drill” on FujiTV 😊


It’ll be “Popular 100-yen shop: Daiso & Can Do’s Popularity Ranking SP”!


There are truly… so many informations that I learned for the first time… it’s very interesting… I’m getting too interested in it…


In the end, I visited a 100-yen store on my way home from the recording…😃



It’s best for you to see it!!
100-yen stores are the best!


It was a very valuable time where I get to learn many things☺︎
By all means, please do give it a watch~☺︎








Well then!
Let us meet again tomorrow night~ See ya🌸


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