Hello (2023.11.27)


We have safely completed
The two days of “3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY LIVE”



Sakurazaka, happy 3rd birthday
Buddies too, happy birthday


I’m already excited just thinking about
How the 4th year will be





    A photo of me hunching back while wearing the new costume


    Every inch of the place was beautiful
    Did you have fun?
    Please let me hear your thoughts again








It has been decided that
The 7th single BACKS LIVE!! will be held


As always
There are things
That I’m curious about
That I want to try

I think that
My ambition
My curiosity
Is relatively big



The challenge is to say that out loud…
It’s not easy to say things out loud, right

I hope this will be a period where I can take on
Those challenges one by one


Please raise your anticipations
And look forward to it
I’ll be waiting at the venue







Well then
Let’s meet at Shinzanmono this weekend! ・x・

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