I love you____________________Ishimori Rika (2023.07.17)



Good evening🌛





For today’s blog

Ishimori Rika is in charge 💌

Thank you very much






How is everyone doing〜?

Have you been eating well〜?





Work, school, part-time jobs, etc.
Thank you for your hard work in the past 10 days



You did your best〜 ☺︎

You’re amazing! Give yourself a lot of praise

( ◜ᴗ◝)\(◜ᴗ◝ )




To be able to brighten up my mood
To be able to praise myself
I’m working hard all the time


Lately, when I eat chocolate
I get into a happy mood♪


I’m also in a mekabu (root of wakame seaweed) boom
Seasoned mekabu
I eat one a day

It’s delicious〜〜







This photo
is an off-shot from anan 🌝







Thank you very much
for the online meet and greet.!


After all, being able to talk to everyone
is really fun


When the meet and greet day is over,
It makes me sad knowing that it’s done
I check the schedule and
It makes me sad knowing how many more days until it ends
I keep thinking
“If only everyday was meet and greet dayー!”



Next time is on July 29!
It’s a little early but I’ll be in you care ☺︎
I’m looking forward to it〜♩




During the meet and greet
I also try different hairstyles

On July 9th, the one I had for the longest time
was twintails!



The last time I did that hairstyle was during the athletics test on “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”〜


Come to think of it
When I was little, I had hair as long as Mio’s
I always wore it in two ☺︎





The 3rd generation’s SHOWROOM relay
is finished〜!

It was a lot of fun!
I definitely, definitely want to do it again🧸

Miu and Shii-chan said in their SHOWROOMs
that they like my singing
Even at the meet and greets
Plenty of people said “Let me hear it〜”



To receive a compliment on something about myself
I am very happy,,
I’ll practice more and more
I want to be better at it

Then one day, please listen to it 🎤
Until then, I’ll do my best







I recently made a vlog for everyone
I made fried chicken tenders〜〜

Everyone said it was delicious…
I was super happy,!! 🤍


By the way, Ito-chan seems to like watching me making them
She stayed next to me while I was cooking ☺︎

And Miu
also took a video of me frying lol



I caught everyone’s taste test reactions on video! lol




The moment you ask someone to eat something you’ve made
it gets nerve wracking,

After my mother had all the family members at the table take a bite
I now know how it feels to have someone eat food I made


I want everyone to eat a lot of home-cooked food from now on



I’ll be glad if you eat itー!
I love youー!

(In the confusion of the moment, I’ll shout out my love too)







And so!
That’s all for today!






Good night🌛

(It was morning when I took the picture, that’s why it says good morning)



I’d be glad if you’ll be waiting for me in another 10 days 🧸






Tomorrow is Riko-chan’s turnー!
Look forward to it〜♩






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