I paid attention to the the cherry blossoms’ change, so I was happy when it bloomed (20223.03.28)




I’m Sakurazaka46’s 3rd generation member
18 years old Yamashita Shizuki from Tokyo


Thank you very much for opening this blog


Long time no see
Are there any of you who waited for me for 11 days…?



Did you see “Soko Magattara, Sakurazaka?”?


I was introduced by Takemoto-san


I was very nervous about my first recording~
I’m good with spicy food, so I was served a bowl of curry soup, but the spiciness hit me as I was eating it
I feel frustrated…
Please let me take another go at it~


And I said that
I could eat 7 plates of sushi
But when I went to eat it recently…
I was able to eat as much as 8 plates ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


Btw, about the catchphrase, “I want to be reflected in your eyes”…
Mio came up with that
I was troubled since I had no idea what to say
so thank you
I love that the personality of each member comes out in their catchphrase




3rd generation members decorated our first cover in B.L.T-san’s April edition
Thank you very much☺︎


It was our first magazine photoshoot
Each of us wore a similar, but different, cute uniform and it was a fun photoshoot~
In the interview, we talked a lot about what happened behind the scene during the training camp, so by all means, please do give it a read…


There was a snake on my uniform…
My mind flashed to Harry Potter~
Speaking of Harry Potter, I’m definitely a Slytherin




^. .^


This is from the day I took selfies together with Mio for our blogs
It’s a regular thing for us to do


Usually I don’t do this because I feel embarrassed
but I tried doing it because I love it when idols arrange their hairstyle…
I hope this looks good on me


I’ll post more pictures without a blur



I like music and taking a stroll


I really like to aimlessly go to a place I have never been before
and walk around without any destination in mind…
But I’m not good at going inside a store on my own, like to eat and such
“If only I could just overcome that!”, so I thought


It’s difficult for me to put my feelings into words
but don’t you find it easier to verbalize your feelings
depending on the music that you were listening to at the time?
I would think, “I’m having so much of this thought so I want to listen to this”
“This is what I’m thinking of right now”


So complicated. I wonder if you understand~


‪︎︎I have a lot of favorite songs, here’s just one list of them ‪︎︎ ︎︎☺︎
・Seifuku no Ningyo – Sakurazaka46
・Saishuu no Chikatetsu ni Notte – Sakurazaka46
・Zutto Haru Dattara na – Sakurazaka46
・Tuning – Keyakizaka46
・Te wo Tsunaide Kareou ka? – Keyakizaka46
・Shoujo ni wa Modorenai – Keyakizaka46
・Mou Konna ni Suki ni Narenai – Hinatazaka46
・Mama no Dress – Hinatazaka46
・Boku no Koto, Shitteru? – Nogizaka46
・Arakajime Katarareru Romance – Nogizaka46


I’ll just post this much for now…
I have a lot more
so I will write them somewhere~



Thank you very much
for the meet & greet

So many people came to visit me
When I think about how you used your precious time for me…
it simply made me happy

it was fun~


There were so many people who said that they wrote a letter
I feel grateful
I don’t have a good memory
but I can unexpectedly remember
the content of the letter and our conversation…
It’s strange


If there is another chance for us to meet
let’s chat a lot then
‪I’m waiting for you ‪🧸






I recently found a picture card of me at Nagi’s place…
It was put in a decorated toploader lol
It makes happy
She probably likes me, right?…
Thank you  ♡


Well then, I’m ending it here
Thank you very much for reading until the end

Tomorrow is Rika
A short while ago we went to Asakusa together
The day when I protected Rika, who was scared by the pigeons ☆ミ
I wonder where we will go next~
Bye by~e *˙︶˙*)ノ”

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