Idol (2024.03.10)






Good morning 😄


It’s Yuuzu 😄





We have the

Online meet & greet today!



I’ve been looking forward to it~



To everyone who’s coming, I’ll be in your care 🐦





If you think you’re not good at talking, or if you’re confused because this is your first m&g,

If you write a message on a paper or a whiteboard and show it to me, I’ll start talking by myself! Lol



Please write it in a big font 🙇‍♀️






Let’s have fun together today 🌟







The 2nd episode of my personal segment on Ariyoshiiieee!’s YouTube channel, “Nakashima Yuzuki’s Minecraft Broadcast” will be posted after this on 10:00 🎮



Be sure to check it out before the m&g ♡





Wishing that today will be a good day for you 🌻



See you


See you real soon



From Yuuzu

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