If only it could be spring forever (2022.08.02)

Good evening


Today, Tuesday August 2nd
It’s the day to get copies of Sakurazaka46’s first album “As you know?”

before the release day 🌊‪‪☺︎‬

If only it could be spring forever (2022.08.02)


Wah~ finally!

I wonder if there are any Buddies
who were able to get it today…?


There’s also a new song
that hasn’t been revealed yet,
so it would make me happy if you enjoy it 😌


The photos too,
we had some really wonderful ones taken.

Please spread it out and look at it, okay? 😳🌸


It was cute to see the members saying “I love this! I love that!”
when looking at the finished product.






I also got my copy today.


Even when looking back on it again shortly after,
somehow it was very touching~


It’s so full of memories to the point that it hurts! LOL


It’s my precious treasure.


I hope I can share this with everyone too 🌸





And then, tomorrow Wednesday August 3rd ,
on the day of the album release…


Starting at 8:00
I will have the opportunity to make a VTR appearance in

TBS’s variety show “LOVE IT!”


To my surprise,
we went to
Adventure World
in Wakayama Prefecture 🐼♡



This is a place that I used to go a lot when I was very young,
it’s my beloved adventure world ( ; ; )

It made me happy~. It was so fun~


Because it was a Wednesday,
Rei-chan was also in the studio ☺️


Please watch it by all means.




Starting at 19:00
There’s TV Asahi’s variety show “Aitsu ima nani shiteru no? (What is that person doing now?) 2-hour special”

Starting at 22:00
There’s Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s “Rekomen!” radio show



So many events on the release day…
thank you so much. 🥲🙇


Naturally I’d want to liven things up
during release day~!!!

To all the Buddies too,
let’s all have a blast together~!!!




Tonight starting at 11:56PM
there’s MBS’s daily variety show “Gobugobu (even match)”.

Thanks for your support on this too 🐙




There’s always a particular feeling of tension
on the day before the release as well the day of the release.



Thank you so much for your support!




See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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