Jump (2023.08.28)

Good morning🦤‪🔆


Recently I’ve been into Hello Kitty very much.

Until now,
this is perhaps the first time I’ve become addicted to
something related to Sanrio…

And there’s also so many goods available
that I can’t help but collect them all 🥺♡



The day before yesterday during the Meet & Greet sessions,
the make-up artist brought a ribbon that
looked very much like Hello Kitty, so I borrowed it…


Jump (2023.08.28)





I was using the Hello Kitty hairstyle
during the 2nd round only ^._.^🎀



Everyone was surprised so it was funny!!! LOL

Sorry for surprising you all~~! LOL




Next week’s meet & greet sessions and the special event
will be the last events for “Start Over!”



I’m really
thankful to all of you!!! 🙇🌷


Let’s enjoy it all the way to the end~~









Love it! Rock 2023
Thank you so much‪ ꪔ̤ 🤍









Just like any “Love it!”, it was a happy moment full of smiles,
the venue had a cheerful atmosphere,
I also received a lot of power from it🌻‪‪☺︎



It made me very happy to meet
the Love it! Family
and Rappy as well
after such a long time.




Imitating Rappy. 😗





Love it! Rock
Thank you so much! 🎸


I hope I can meet everyone again.





See you!
Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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