Keyakizaka (2020.10.18)



Good evening



Truly thank you to everyone who had watched
Keyakizaka46 The Last Live


During the show, my eyes met with members more often than before,
And every time, while appreciating the loveliness and happiness, I spent the two days.



I am truly honored to be able to
meet and work with the members and staffs,
and of course you who supported us,
as Keyakizaka46



Thank you so much for your many love until now🕊



In Sakurazaka46 too, I’d like to share wonderful time”
and make a lot of memories with you☺️





Shiichan, congratulations on your graduation
I will always love you~~~!!!





we were able to perform in NHK’s SONGS


Dare ga Sono Kane wo Narasu no Ka?
Taiyou wa Miageru Hito wo Erabanai


We were able to show both in full size

May it be songs that will continue to comfort your heart 🍃




We received a celebration of our 5th anniversary of formation in front of the dressing room!!
I was very happy.. It’s love ーーー






I will also upload the pictures taken from when we appeared in Oshareism the other day


I was happy that we could appear here…
It was a very fun recording ☺️

I’ll do my best so that we can also appear as Sakurazaka46






Once again

I will continue to be in your care 🌸


Watanabe Risa

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