Lake Biwa (2022.09.18)

Good evening.



I wonder if everyone is okay after the typhoon’s impact…?



Please make sure to be in a safe place…



I hope everyone is safe…








Thank you so much for

Inazuma Rock Festival ‪‪☺︎


Lake Biwa (2022.09.18)


We were able to perform near the shore of Lake Biwa

and there was also lots of nature.

It felt so good! 🍃🌊




I also got to eat

delicious food. 😌




I also ate red konnyaku that

Yui-chan, who is from Shiga prefecture

has always been recommending~~


It was delicious 🫶


Shiga prefecture is

a really wonderful place. ✨




Thank you!









Tomorrow Monday September 19th, starting at 8 AM

I will make a studio appearance


on the TBS variety show “Love it!” 🐰


This is the first time I’ll be making

a studio appearance on their Monday’s broadcast…!


I’m excited.



Tomorrow is a national holiday,

so I wonder if everyone will take it a bit easy tomorrow? 😳


Please watch if you’d like~!








In continuation of the mystery novels from last time,

this time I had the chance to introduce

my recommended heart-warming book novels

in “Shueisha Online” 📚




Since the day of this interview,

the number of recommendations I have has increased even more,

so I’ll be sharing more of that at some other time…







See you tomorrow~




See you!

Sakurazaka46 Tamura Hono

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