Last meguri. Finally 10cm (2021.01.27)

I am Shizuoka Prefecture’s Onuma Akiho!



Thank you so very much
to everybody that’s come to meet me
for the 1st single meet & greet!!



The past 2 months or so has been super fun.



From start to finish it felt like
finally, I’m able to meet everyone like I’ve wanted to for so long!


Everyone’s warmth and kindness
has given me lots of energy and hope.



I’ve made so many strong memories and if I listed everything I remember there’d be no end to it but,


Locking eyes, having my name called, being supported, ocarina sessions, playing the ocarina and making people laugh, “It’s Onuma!”, stuffed animal conversations, getting lots of compliments, getting my fortune, people teaching me lots of things I want to know, reading Rengoku (lines), thinking of questions, funny faces, people telling me their goals, forward-leaning posture, people writing stuff on a board, drawing things for me, decorating, showing me their Akiho goods, sending their love, matching with me, singing, dancing, playing games,  letting me give them nicknames, letting me name their pets and stuffed animals, being able to wish them a happy birthday, talking about our hometowns, talking about fish and fishing, reading me letters, showing me wonderful scenes and places, aaaaaaaaaaaahhh


I was only halfway done but
it feels like it’s becoming a spell so I have to control myself..




I should be the one making you all laugh but
you’ve all made me smile so, so much.


Anyway it’s been an irreplaceable time full of happiness.


Thank you so much🙇‍♀️



I’m going to burn with this energy you’ve all given to me

and continue to do my very best🔥


You are all my heroes for always supporting me.

I love you all.



So now this time
my hair changes for every part〜✨



I have a bunch of pictures so

it’ll look like a leaf 🍃 floating down a river

I’d be happy if you could watch it as if it were flowing.



Twin braids🐰



A real bear🐻



A side brain, like Rapunzel



Side-tail with Kuma-tan🐻‍❄️



Over-the-face Rapunzel






Half-twin x Rosy Cheeks x Pakazou🍓



Pretty Cure hair



I also style my hair as the middle daughter of the 3 Dango sisters [referring to her being a middle child and dumpling hairstyle], New Year’s rope hair, cat’s ears hair band, and a ribbon hair band🎀




They came to my room!🐡🐡🐡🐡




Also thank you to everyone
who listened to Sakumimi!


I love the gap between being healed by Hono-chan’s chill atmosphere
and her sharp tsukkomi!!


To me, Hono-chan
is even more of a bear than Pooh-san🧸❤︎




Thank you for reading to the very end!




See you later!








You were caught in 10cm of swamp



Onuma Akiho

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