Light (2021.04.19)

Hello it’s Takemoto Yui 🕊


To everyone that came to Meguri,
Thank you very much


We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the network problems during the Meguri
To the people who waited for a longtime, I’m truly sorry… 😭
I’m once again reminded of how much the staff supports us and provide the space for us to interact with everyone (fans).
It’s not the usual space, but I will still do my best to entertain everyone each time!


And despite the fact that we’ve kept you waiting, everyone had a huge smile on their faces while talking about various things and I really really enjoyed my time talking to everyone!
We really laughed a lot~~. Up until now, this was the closest I have ever felt to everyone at a Meguri, I was so happy ☺️


Thank you very much!
Let’s enjoy the 2nd Single period together 🌷





I went to the Tokyo Skytree with the members~🌃
It’s a collaboration between Tokyo Skytree and Sakurazaka46… ✨ The photos taken during the MV shooting, and ribbons that contain wishes written by each member of Sakurazaka46 are put on display🎗


I was very happy to see it in person !!
I’m full of gratitude 😭


By the way, I was also able to see the Skytree illuminated with Sakurazaka colours with the members〜🌸

It was really beautiful. Thank you so much!



Everyone too, by all means please go and have a look while also taking precautionary measures (^^)
And please write your wishes on the ribbon identical to ours as well 🎗

I hope everyone’s wishes will come true !✨


When the manager told us “Somehow, you guys look a bit embarrassed”, the two of us were trembling. Scary, scary!

However, the scenery was really beautiful. It was a wonderful memory (^ _ ^) !





See you ❕

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