Masatsukeisuu (2022.08.15)

Hello everyone


I’m Sakurazaka46’s 2nd generation member, Morita Hikaru 🌱









I’m a bit late, but


The music video for “Masatsukeisuu,”
the lead song of the 1st Album “As you know?”
has been released!


I haven’t written about it yet,
so I figured I’d write about “Masatsukeisuu” in this blog〜

This time, it was shot by Director Ikeda Kazuma.
A year has passed since filming the 3rd single “Nagaredama,”
And to be able to do something like this again together
Made me very happy.


Thank you very much!

The theme for this shoot is “Wildness” and “Reason”.


Although we had scenes that seemed to contrast one another
We were not in conflict, rather we accepted each other.
We filmed the relationship in such a way that we could enhance each other at times,
and in fact, we discussed it with each other as well.


I hope you will watch it in detail ^ ^


↑Taken by Yumiko camera〜


Thank you🐱



The pants style costume is fresh and nice〜


Thank you very much for
making wonderful costumes every time!!


With Takechan and Karin!


Team Wildness💃



A wonderful partner✊🏻


Oh, it seems like she became wild



I tried lifting my fringe〜








Once again,

please give lots of love to “Masatsukeisuu”!🌸 








Thank you for reading until the end!



The end 🌱



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